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The premises are arranged in a way that allows direct contact between the child and play materials. Toys are placed in the corners of activities: cooking, reading, manipulation, construction, art, music, water and sand, science

Building Corner

Lego (construction equipment), blocks that fit (hardware to assemble and disassemble), house, farm (equipment for emptying and filling)

Plastic Arts Corner

Papers (colors, textures); equipment mix and paint (tactile, painting); equipment paste (glue, scissors); three dimensional material (plasticine straw rock sand branches).

Handling corner

Assorted equipment (balls, beads of different size) equipment to assemble and disassemble (puzzle) hardware decoding (memory games, lotto games).

Roleplaying corner

Multiple handling materials and devices available such as (fridge, stove, cookware, utensils and cutlery, food, materials for dramatic play (dolls, telephones, puppets, costumes, handbags, costumes crafts).

Outdoor courses

The landscaping and toys are arranged in a way for children to continue the development process even being outside the local playground nursery.

Educational field trips

We will make outings with the children each month and parents are free to join us. Before every ride, we will require a completed form including: the date planned, fees charged.

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